Blender 2.5 Alpha 1 is out

I’ve just compiled latest SVN and noticed a new splash.png file downloaded… OH-OOH!!!

Cool -
How can I figure out what the differences between alpha 0 and alpha 1 are? Is there a changelog somewhere?

That is the big Q indeed, but bug fixes is an obvious answer already for one. :smiley:

and damn, that’s one fine looking splash. :ba:

That is indeed an obvious answer, but I was wondering more along the lines of what bugs have been fixed, rather than whether or not any have been. I’ve heard people reference “SVN checkins,” if they are publicly available, where might they be found?

Have fun - :evilgrin:

Haha the formatting on that SVN log sucks in Notepad! I suppose they’ll update this in good time.

i dont see it in the offical release of blender
any idea when will see it there ?

and where is then link for this new version?


Wow… if it is on a splash screen, it must be done, right? (That is a cool looking splash, though…)

No link. He pulled it off the source and compiled it himself. I’m sure there will be one on Graphicall soon, though.

I really don’t think this is the official launch of Alpha 1, tho…

EDIT: There are several on Graphicall. And many are calling it Alpha 1… hmmm… maybe it is dropping… Good news indeed!

Didn’t notice the splash screen is something from Durian until i’ve read the SVN logs. Nice!

As MarkJoel60 said I’ve compiled it myself. At the command svn up I noticed the new splash.png and, once compiled and started, I saw the new version popping-up :eyebrowlift:

I think it is real Alpha 1, did you noticed the top-right version number, it read: 2.51.0.
I think an official link is a matter of time.

I downloaded Blender 2.5 (64 bit) [26981] for Intel Mac from and it has the new splash :slight_smile: YAY
Just a quick note. This version works really well (played with it all morning) and I’m tempted to start my next project based on this one … will see.

The splash screen blows my mind. It looks absolutely great. That movie is going to be amazing if all have that quality. And even with less quality it will be incredible. :eek:

I see that is filling up right now… release logs are imminent.

Awesome , checking it out !