Blender 2.5 alpha1 Crashes starting Sculpt Mode

Hi All,
I have just tried sculpt mode, and blender 2.51 will crash every time.

I’m getting a just in time debugging error in blender.exe. Can’t find any thing in a search.
Any Ideas?

I’ve tried other builds from to see if this was it.
Do I need to wait until the next build?

I don’t recall getting this with B2.50, and I don’t get it with 2.49.
Thanks for any help.

More info would help – does it crash going into sculpt mode, or when you start sculpting? Do you have multires on? Does it crash with the default cube? etc…

It crashes as soon as I start or try to sculpt. I’ve started with a default cube and/or sphere, and I also tried a subdived cube a couple times.No matter what I start with it will crash. Multires? I just start up blender to try and sculpt.

Every time it will crash. It pops up the same window saying,
“An unhandled win32 exception occurred in blender.exe[1028]. Just in time debugging failed with the following error. No installed debugger has just in time debugging enabled. In visual studio, just in time blah, blah , blah…”

The error # varies of course. Any pointers?

I also have this problem. I am running an HP Pavilion zv5000 laptop so maybe it has something to do with the graphics card(I have an ATI mobility radeon 9000 IGP) or other hardware on the computer…

Yea, I have a Toshiba laptop with ATI, but it’s the same machine I ran 2.50 and still run 2.49.

Maybe they changed something. If so it wasn’t for the good. Man, that would be crap if they start limiting video drivers.

Hope there is some setting that will repair the problem.

Try turning VBOs on/off (in the User Prefs).

And no, we haven’t started limiting which graphics cards are supported, no need to speculate about such things.

nicholasbishop, sorry if It seemed I made assumptions. I think blender is great and all I meant was that progress is always moving forward. My laptop is a great machine, for the time 5 years ago, so I’m stating that my old hardware may not keep up. I have a P4, 3ghz. I have other software that requires openGL, and an ATI video driver is not available. To old…

Any way, what is VBO settings? Can you point me to the settings?
Thanks for any help.
edit: Found VBO, turning on check box, system crashes immediately . Have to reset I guess

I’m glad you posted this, I was hesitant …
Mine doesn’t crash with sculpt mode, but the mesh gets randomly spikey. Default cube, subdivided 10 times, added 3 multi-res levels. Sometimes the mesh disappears altogether. When I toggle on/off show modifier (multi-res) in viewport, the spikiness changes with each ‘on’. When off, the cube looks fuzzyish - don’t know how else to descibe it - then when/as i sculpt, the spikiness changes randomly as I move the mouse. I’ve tried with VBO on (worse, happens ALL the time in object mode even, but NOT edit mode) and off, with screen redraw set to full, etc … Couldn’t find any clues as to problem by searching.
System amd athlon xp 1800+, radeon x700, 1G RAM, win xp sp3, blender from graphicall build 27186

It’s clear there are problems with the sculpt feature and dealing with some video cards.
This is an alpha, so I am still impressed with what it can do. I’ve payed for other software that will never do what blender can, as is.

Maybe enough people will see this and the blender team can figure out an answer. I have no doubt a fix will come soon. I’m patient…I can wait till the next beta2 release.

My laptop is older so, I will probably need to upgrade. I have XP now, and I really don’t want win7. I’ve read to many compatibility problems with some applications. I have to much invested now and hate to be forced to buy upgrade just to make MS happy. If it ain’t broke I say, leave it alone.

I’ve been playing around with ubuntu and really like it. But it will not be a complete replacement. To much windows stuff.

Any way, wait and see.


is this my hardware, or a 2.5 bug?? sculpt works fine in 2.49 …

While it hasn’t crashed on me, I have experienced corruption of file data, like loss of links to image files.
Which freaks me out a little.
But so far I have been able to repair it.

speaking about sculpt mode, would be good to allow new sculpt mode work with mirror modifier at least just for basic mesh, it was really handy imho …

Well, I don’t know if more info about my laptop would help, but here it is.

Model : Mobility Radeon 9100 IGP (RS300M AGP)
Manufacturer : Toshiba America Information Systems
Bus Type : AGP
Manufacturer : ATI Technologies Inc.
Total Memory : 128 MB
Texture Memory : 138 MB
Processor : MOBILITY RADEON 9100 IGP AGP (0x5835)
Converter : Internal DAC(400MHz)
Refresh Rate (min/max) : 60/100 Hz

GPU Information :
Codename : RS300
Number of GPU : 1
Memory Type : DDR-SDRAM
GPU Frequency : 300.72 MHz
Memory Bus Speed GPU : 2 x 300.72 MHz

Video Bios Information :
Date : 04/11/11
ID : BK-ATI VER008.017I.057.004
ATI Catalyst : v .00

Driver Information:
General Information :
Place : c:\windows\system32
Driver : ati2dvag.dll
Size : 201 KB ( 205 824 bytes)

Properties :
Version :
Description : ATI Radeon WindowsNT Display Driver
Copyright : Copyright © 1998-2004 ATI Technologies Inc.
Original Filename : ati2dvag.dll
Product Name : ATI Radeon WindowsNT Display Driver
Internal Name : ati2dvag.dll
Organisation : ATI Technologies Inc.
Product Version :

Extended Information :
Device32-bit : Video Card
Build for : Windows NT, 32-bit
Created : Thursday 22 April 2004
Modified : Thursday 22 April 2004
Accessed : Wednesday 03 February 2010

Shot in the dark. I have checked at ATI for updated video drivers, but they say none are available. Understandable though, it is a bit older.

Thanks again for any help to get sculpt working, at all…even a little.

Blender crashes with my laptop. It’s old, has an Intel 830M graphics chip. I think it supports upto OpenGL 1.3.
Blender 2.5 works fine, as long as I don’t enter sculpt mode.

Using winXP SP2

Blender also crashed on entering Sculpt mode for me ( Intel X3100 on Macbook Air ) until I updated my drivers.

However, not all graphics cards will have updated drivers ( and not everyone will be able to update the drivers, think college / university / public access computers ), so maybe there can be a fix for older drivers ( the crash seems to span different manufacturers graphics card ) if a developer can get a computer to replicate the crash, and time to fix it.

… bump …

Crashes here too the instant I chose “Sculpt Mode”…

Win XP SP3
ATI Mobility HD 4650

Made a quick-check in 2.49. It works flawlessly there. Must be a bug in the new blender.

I GOT IT TO WORK!!! granted, I’m not having crash issues like y’all. Rather, my meshes go all wonky/spikey/random when I enter sculpt mode. Still, worth a shot on your end.
I went into the window options ( ‘n’ key thing) and turned on ‘textured solid’. Works fine now, tho VBO still messes it all up. I was able to sculpt with almost a million polys. YAY!!!

Not to sound rude, but why is every expecting a high end 3d application to run on a run of the mill laptop?

@thedaemon … in part because blender has always been good about running on lower end hardware … my problem was not on a laptop, but many people DO use blender on ‘run of the mill’ laptops just fine …

EDIT :: heck, I used to run Blender 2.45 or 2.46 on a dual P200 (that’s right, not even a P2!! dual Pentium 200!!) with less than 400 Megs RAM under Linux, with a 4 meg gfx card (ELSA Gloria Synergy), and it ran almost as well for most general editing tasks as my Athlon XP 1800+ with Win XP … blender has always been good that way … :smiley: