BLender 2.5 And Mac moving screen left/right/up/down

Hey guys.

So I’m running the newest vesion of blender on my new mac. Everything was going grand until I tried to move my screen left while I zoomed in. On the new mac keyboards, there is no side number panels with the arrows to move the screen left or right.

I tried googling this problem but to no avail.

So I turn to you, BAs , is there anything I can do about this.

Thanks in avance


Hi Rikuizo,

the arrow keys inside Blender normally are not used to move inside a zoomed view. The arrow keys are used to move between the frames of an animation. To move inside a zoomed view I use the SHIFT-key and then the middle mouse button.
You can define your own key set using the user preferences. You can open user preferences by hitting CTR-ALT-U. Then under the Input-Tab you can change/edit key combinations you like. For moving inside 3D view klick the small edit button of ‘3D view’, there you get a list of all key combinations inside 3D view. You can change them here as you like.