Blender 2.5 and .obj Export Settings

Does anyone know where I can find current information on the different export settings and what they mean in Blender 2.5. I’ve searched the Blender Wiki and I can’t find anything?

I need to know which settings to choose when exporting .obj as different situations call for different settings so I need to know what the different settings mean.

I selected what I thought were the correct settings, but Blender too “Forever” to export the file, so I need to know what each setting is for so I can only choose the “essential” settings.


The obj export for some recent builds or 2.5 have been bad with some meshes so changing settings may not make any difference until it is fixed.

Thanks Richard, I will limit the use until fixed. :slight_smile:

If anyone comes across a web page that describes the different .obj export settings I’d love to learn more about what they do. Thanks.


Thanks Richard. I couldn’t find that page when looking. Thanks.

There are still 3 Descriptions that are missing from the list which are in the 2.5 settings. They are:

Polygroups - ?
(Maybe means export Poly’s as Groups)

Nurbs - ?
(Maybe means export Nurbs as meshes?)

Keep Vertex Order - ?
(Maybe means keep Blender’s vertex order on Export)

Hopefully someone can update the wiki with this information fro 2.5 :slight_smile:


Polygroups - Export vertex groups os obj groups
Nurbs - Exports 3d nurbs curves and polylines as obj curves
Keep Vert Order - keep vert and face order (use for morph targets)
If you are transferring objs between blender and zbrush for example, ensure you keep the vertex order.
If you assign vertex groups in blender these can be transferred in the obj if polygroups selected.


Thanks Richard. :slight_smile: