Blender 2.5 and/or KDE 4 Don't Like My Mouse Buttons

I’ve been playing around with 2.5 and determined it would be very handy to map rotate and pan to the two auxillary mouse buttons on my Logitech G5 (GREAT mouse!) Blender seems to assign the buttons properly in User Preferences, but the buttons do not function in the 3d window. Is this a known issue? (I know this USED to worrk a while back- I’ve tested it before)

Could it be that KDE is intercepting the mouse buttons? I doubt that, because they work fine for assignment… I’m on Arch Linux 64 (just updated system) and using the most recent Blender 2.5 SVN as of 20 minutes ago.


I’ve now confirmed that mouse buttons 4 and 5 no longer work in Windows 7 64 bit… should I file a bug report?

I’m also on KDE, I was hoping button 4/5 on the side, logitech mouse too :slight_smile: would work like 2.49 but alas no. I can’t see a way to tell them to act the same, the preferences just let me assign to the middle mouse. I’m tempted to just remap them via X as I rarely use them apart from in blender :eyebrowlift2:

Yep same for me with my Logitech G9. I need to map Thumb2 (button 9) to the MMB but nothing works. I’m using Ubuntu and have tried to configure (unsuccessfully) imwheel and btnx. Other programs (ET:QW) happily find my extra mouse buttons, would be nice if 2.5 could as well.

I was able to work around the problem with my Logitech G9 under Ubuntu by mapping the side button to be the middle mouse button (MMB). I documented the necessary steps here: