Blender 2.5 and Syntheyes


I have been testing Blender alongside Syntheyes and the exporter from Syntheyes worked perfectly with 2.49b.

When i try to import the python file into Blender (by pasting it into the Text window and executing it) it feeds me a list of errors.

Firstly, is this the best way to load and execute python files within the 2.5 interface?
Secondly, Do I need an updated exporter to be compatible with Blender 2.5?


The syntheyes exporter generates py scripts which are compatible with the old 2.49 api.
Since the python api has changed considerably in 2.5 you can’t use those ‘old’ scripts.
Either you get the syntheyes guys to put out an updated exporter,
or you export as plain text and write your own importer,
or you save the file in 2.49 and reopen it in 2.5.

Thanks, I also thought that I would need an updated exporter from Syntheyes.

Thanks for the quick reply

Yeah, currently it’s Syntheyes–>2.49b–>2.5
But that workflow is really just a few seconds more. And with the time you save with 2.5’s much more powerful compositor, then it really doesn’t matter anymore.
But of course it would be great to have a 2.5 exporter! :slight_smile:

This is old, but in case anyone is searching like I was – my build of 2.54 wouldn’t import the animation curves from 2.49 correctly, but 2.52 DID. Thus, the workflow: Syntheys–>2.49–>2.52–>2.54
A bit of a pain, but it works.

Syntheyes to 2.49a straight to 2.54 seems to work for me (Windows), though I have to reset the interface back to a more typical 2.54 layout. I guess I could append the 2.49a scene into 2.54 to avoid this, but appending a scene from 2.49a to 2.54 seems to leave out the IPOs.

Thanks for letting me know it was possible anyway - no need to wait for a new 2.5x compatible Syntheyes exporter, though one would be nice!

Yah i had this prob. I import my syntheyes script in to 2.49 and set up my scene, save the blend file and re open it in 2.5.6 :wink:

Sebastian K has some great tutorials for Blender & Syntheyes on CMIVFX :wink:

im lagging behind…