Blender 2.5 anim tests


as Blender 2.5 seems already quite usable for animation I have decided to test it. It is also good way how to develop some animation skills as well as become really familiar with the new system.

My first lesson - bouncing ball (of course :-).

2.5 goodies

  • to tweak curves in F-curves editor is really really fast now
  • great is to let an animation to play (Alt-A) and to see in real-time the result of curves tweaking
  • Euler rotation is the best and fastest how to animate this, great we have them in 2.5
  • animsets feature is also great, everything is more “readable”
  • different kinds of handles and interpolations of the same curve is superb
  • great tool is also mute (eye icon) for curves which in real-time mutes the curve in 3d view (so in this case you can mute X location and have ball bouncing in place!)

So BIG THANK to Aligorith for this excellent new animation system.

Here is the blend (should work with Blender 2.5 22647 build at least

(The ball rig is my own. Really fast to use, at the same time squashing and stretching is independent form ball rotations.).


My second lesson. Squash and stretch effect. The ball is from the test 1 with a squash and stretch effect added.

Blender 2.5 animation tools really rock, Aligorith has recently added some nice functionalities like mesh deformed by an armature to react in real-time when you tweak the f-curves etc.)

File is here:
Should be used with Blender 2.5 SVN 22765.

These are really nice, thanks lots for such a detailed look! Euler is so much easier to interpret, I can’t wait to finally start playing with curves directly.

I’ve been reading a bunch of animators’ blogs lately – does ‘rotation order’ come into play here, or are our Eulers more just an interface controlling a Quaternion back-end, bypassing stuff like that? (I’m not really sure how this all works…)

Blender 2.5 curves are really nice to read.

Yes, for this case Euler is better. If animator need so use all three rotation axes Quats maybe better. Rotation order is still not possible to change in Blender. There is nice post from Cessen how to “read” quaternions -

wow, looks great. How to put a framenumer like that in the bottom? ;D

There is Stamp option in Scene buttons.

Hey, this looks great!
Could you run through the basic controls because I don’t know how to enable the squash/stretch (and when I play back the animation I do not see any sort of animation)? What am I doing wrong?
Can’t wait to start playing around with this! Thanks in advance!

Any idea? I can’t play back the animation - I know this is very simple to resolve.

cool, looks great