blender 2.5 animation to unity yet?

anyone got a magic build or technique that will let you use blender 2.5 for animations for unity? i’m dying here…

unity has a build in blender loader…

So just drop you blender or pull your blender file to unity.

It works for me!

and note you need both blender and unity to be installed on computer.
Cant use blender portable, then it will not work.

(Had that bug myself, first before i got it to work)

i know unity loads 2.49 blender files but haven’t had any luck with the 2.5 betas. what version are you running?

yes ok, didnt check my 2.5 version used old blender file from 2.49

It is quite clear now that for some reason blender export to fbx is not working after the 2.5 versions.
This honestly smells like a pathetic attempt to hinder unity use with blender models, versus blender modeling + engine.

Blender 2.58 to Unity using fbx works fine for me. See