Blender 2.5 Armature in Game Engine

How do you use armature animation in the game engine? I cant figure it out. I’ve got a cube parented to the armature and a rotation. Button sensor “and” controller and Action actuator with the action name in the box and when I start the game it just wont work!

don’t forget to assign/create Vertex Groups!

Like OTO said, make sure that there are vertex groups in the mesh. When you parent the cube to the armature, you probably want the ‘Create Empty Vertex Groups’ option - this will create the vertex groups you need, as well as create an Armature modifier to the object to deform with the armature.

Thank you so much! it worked!

Wheres the ‘Create Empty Vertex Groups’ option? Thanks in advance.

That option appears in Blender 2.5 when you parent a mesh to an armature. Ctrl + P, and the menu appears.

Ok thanks alot

I still cant find the create a vertex group… Is it just ctrl G? Anyway I think I already made everything but my character still doesn’t move… Help.

Sorry, the entry specifically is ‘Create Empty Groups’. That means it will create empty vertex groups - you also can have it automatically attempt to skin the mesh by choosing ‘With Automatic Weights’, or one of the other options. You’ll have to tweak it afterwards, but it may be better than nothing for you. Play around with it.

When choosing the automatic weights. The bone will select the vertices closest to it. If you move that bone it will select a new group of verts automatically. Select the Mesh first, then select the Armature. Then press Ctrl P.

Automatic weights works the best I think. If your anything like me though and do a lot of changing stuff then reparenting the character, make sure (before you RE-parent) you delete the old armature modifier from the last parent or it will do some funny stuff. I always delete the vertex groups too, before you reparent just to be safe.