Blender 2.5 Background image problem

Hey guys
I am unable to put an image to my blender background.
I already used the N menue and choosed a jpeg as background image,but nothing appeared
I know,this sounds like a little problem,but it destroyed the past 5 hours of my life :[
And yes,i used google and I even asked in other boards for help but i didnt get an answer.
I look forward that somebody take time to answer my little and uninteresting question : /

oh,and i excuse for my crappy vocabulary&grammar.

Make sure you are in Orthographic view, not Perspective (toggle with numpad 5) and in the right view as set in the background image settings.

Thank you very much.
You saved my night!
I really appreciate that

Mine too. Thanks.

I’m sorry but that doesn’t really help me. I have a laptop without a numberpad. Also, I am very new to Blender and so I don’t know my way around. If you could give a short description telling me where some menus are when you refer to them, that would be very helpful.

Go to File / User Preferences. Under the Input tab, select ‘Emulate Numpad’.
The number keys will then emulate the numpad

Awesome! Thanks Richard. One other thing… you said, “Make sure you are in Orthographic view, not Perspective (toggle with numpad 5) and in the right view as set in the background image settings.” I got the Ortho view, but where are the background image settings?

but in slide 5 , set the view-axis individually for each background image. (if you use multiple)
if you where doing from schematics, your Plan view would be Top…etc

(Scratching head!) Something must be wrong with my version (2.5). None of that is showing. I’ll just have to explore a bit. Perhaps I’ll stumble across it somewhere. Thanks anyway.

Have you presses N for the properties panel.
I can assure you your version of 2.5 has it as it has been there since early alpha versions.

Thanks again Richard. They don’t get any greener than me.

I followed every step and my backround image still doesnt seem to come up. i think ther is something rong with my blender 2.56 or something. ugh. and how come ortho view looks so wierd?

You need yo use the numpad to change your view to see the image (e.g. if the image is on the Z axis top, press NUM7 to see the image.

For some reason I cant get background images to display in 64bit version, but are fine in 32bit; if u have issues see which u are using (windows i mean, not mac, linux etc)

I’m having the same problem, no images show up. It was fine one minute and the next tiime I loaded blender nothing.

I had view render only checked in properties… Duh!

I’m battling this too. I just got the 32 bit version. Same.
I set background images but they get lost somehow and I have to reset them every time. I even pack them in the blend.
It seems to mostly save if you “Save User Settings” but that is so impractical.
Using 2.58, same as 2.57.
Linux Kubuntu 11.04, 64 bit

This has to be a bug!

Ok. I think I found it.
Never open another file without loading the UI of the file. You will lose all your setting for that file.
Call me dumb. OK. Only taken a week to figure this out for myself.