Blender 2.5: Bad hair & misbehaving children

I’m working with hair particles in Blender 2.5 and have stumbled across an oddity which isn’t making sense to me. I have a wig emitter of particle hair for this character, but when I add children hairs, the directions all go wonky. I’m not sure why, and it seems to be just this file… it might be that it’s somehow grabbing hair direction from a previously made hair wig (I had another one earlier which I’d deleted).

I can’t see anything that I think would set the hair off like this in child settings.

Does anyone know what’s causing the problem and how I can reset it so the child hairs are straight?

Here you can see that the main hairs are straight, whereas children hairs go in odd directions…

Here in the 3D view, the children look fine, and I can’t see anything in the children settings which would make them go odd directions like in the render.

Here’s the .blend if you need a closer look…


badhairday.blend (263 KB)

Oh snap… it was the old “Subsurf modifier needs to happen after other modifiers” trick.