Blender 2.5 beta crashes when selecting image files

Not sure where to post this as there doesn’t appear to be any forum for bugs.

I have just upgraded to blender 2.5 beta after people here kept going on about how good it was - however I have an issue that makes it unusable.
Every time I try to select an image, blender crashes.

I create a new texture
Set type as “image or movie”
go to the “image” section - Click on the “Open” button
The File viewer appears to start building and then (95% of the time) blender crashes

I’m at a complete loss as to why - Normal file navigation appears to work within blender, its when I try and search for pictures that it falls over.
My pictures folder has lots of files and folders but I can’t thik that that is the problem.

Any ideas of a fix or even who to ask?

I have a Laptop with Vista if that helps!

… on further investigation BMP files appear to make it crash

Try a more up to date version from The 2.54beta from is getting very old and a lot of bug fixes have been made since it was released. To report a bug to the developers use the bug tracker. There is a link to it from the blender help menu.