Blender 2.5 Beta "Layer KeyFrame" Insert

Good day!

I had a little problem when it comes to making my object switch layers on different frames.
I am able to do it on 2.49 because when you hit “I” there is a slot for “Layer”. and now it’s gone. I “Right-Clicked” the “Layers Button” on the Object Panel but I’m like mixed up.

I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

thank you very much :slight_smile:

With your object selected, go to the object panel and just click on the layer you want your object to be on and with the cursor still in place press the I-key. This will move your object to the selected layer and then add a keyframe.


Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

My object is now switching layers but there is still a problem.
When I want my object to switch to “Layer 2”, what happens is my object becomes available to Layer 1 and 2.

I add a key frame on “frame 1” while the object is on the “layer 1”, and then on “frame 2” I add another keyframe pointing it to layer 2. but the object became available for both layer.

I hope you can still help me :slight_smile: thank you very much :slight_smile:

What happens when you go to frame 3? The object should only be on layer 2 then. It seems at the moment that when you keyframe a layer change the object stays on both layers for that frame. That should not be a problem for you; if it is you could try keyframing object visibility instead of layer.

yeah… the object stayed on layer 2 then when I switch it to Layer 1 and add a keyframe at frame 3, the object is only available on layer 1. Still, the object is both available on both layers on frame 2. yeah ur right. I think I could just work on the visibility instead of Layers.

thank you for taking the time answering my questions :slight_smile: Cheers! all the best! :slight_smile: