Blender 2.5 Bugs

Posted link no longer online.

to be honest i only saw what one would class as a bug and that was the properties panel at the beginning.

if one of the other “bugs” you think are when you moved the vert at top of the house, then it looked like you just had proportional editing enabled
and when you was in sculpt mode i saw no probs you had mirror x, y or z enabled

i could be major wrong but thats how it looked on the video

I hope the horizontal panels will be fixed…

i think the point with the house is that the roof plane is lagging behind its verticie as its pulled around.
However, i’m not so sure that its a bug, maybe its some sort of diplay error caused by your graphicscard.
have you tried other drawing methods?

speaking about bugs, i have this bug thread here:
and need someone to confirm that the bug not only occurs on my machine and is reproducable.

These are all bugs alright, please try to understand what is recorded from Jimmyon.
For this quad like view in sculpt mode there’s a solution though. Make it look smooth before subdividing.
I could also make a video to show what’s happening in my sculpt room in 2.5.4. Practically its useless, I’m working with older versions now.

If you have found any bugs the best course of action is to report them to the bug tracker (direct link in the blender 2.5 help menu). Don’t rely on posting a thread here as an effective method to get them fixed.

Of course Richard! I already posted one and the guys there fixed it. Something about importing a 2.49 multi-res mesh to 2.5x with Uvs. We must be serious and well documented when posting a bug…