Blender 2.5 - Bump maps (nor maps) not showing up in reflections?

Hi there,

I’ve been using blender for a while now. I have this problem;

When I apply a bump map to a object (Sphere), and it is next to a reflective object/surface
(ground or wall), the bump map does not show up in the reflection.

If anyone can tell me how to fix this or tell me the reason why this is doing this, i would deeply appreciate it.
Oh I also have the .blend file attached for reference.



Here’s an image:


Bump_map_problem.blend (80 KB)

I would say this is a bug. 2.49 does the expected thing.

You could check out the render branch at and see if its fixed there.

I doubt it’s been fixed… a fairly recent Scons build of mine has the same issue. I’ll also verify that 2.49 renders your file more correctly (once the setting to go through the sequencer has been unchecked) although the reflected colour is not that convincing (sample attached) and it’s definitely slower in 2.49.

Thanks for the responses.

It’s a known bug –

Materials made under 2.49 and imported to 2.50 work as they do under 2.49 … materials created under 2.50 lose bump maps when reflected or seen through transparent materials.