Blender 2.5 car physics problem

I am having a problem getting the car to drive on the map I made. What it does is, when I start the Game Engine the car just wobbles and when I try to make it go forwards it acts like its running in to objects and flips. the map isn’t bumpy or anything and I’ve messed with the settings and no success. I’m using Convex Hull. I’ve tried Box and played with the settings mass, radius and form factor but nothing works or helps.

Well can you put up a blend or some pics because you are kind of giving me not enough info on the problem. Are you using python scripts for movement? Or are you using logic bricks for movement?

It wont upload! But yes I am using logic bricks for the movement. I know using python would be better but I’m still in the learning stage of python. I didn’t figure using logic bricks would have that effect on the vehicle though. I’ll keep trying to get the .blend on here.

use mediafire to upload, it hold lots more space.

why would python be better?

Anyway, look at the vehicleWrapper for cars

I figured you could just make everything work better if it was in python…Thanks for the link! :slight_smile:

it is not so that python is better for things it is just that with python you can go a lot more in-depth than you can with logic bricks

Choose the right tool for the right thing ;).