Blender 2.5 Checkerboard Texture Nodes Video

I created a tutorial at:

which shows how to create a checkerboard of any color in Blender 2.5 using texture nodes, and specifically Blender’s built-in checkerboard texture node. I did not use any images, only procedural textures and node transformations. This tutorial should also work in Blender 2.4x. I also wanted to demonstrate the new Blender 2.5 user interface. The tutorial is based on a mid-September pre-alpha release of Blender 2.5.

I welcome all comments.

Thank you Ira!

Your videos are really usefull for me as a novice Blender 2.5 user!

PS: the new 2.5 version is really great! I could not stand the interface of the alt one!