Blender 2.5 codeswarm

this is something Nathan Letwory did in january this year.

half a year later now, and the blender2.5 development is going at a avalanche speed ! , is there someone with the skills of codeswarm that could do a follow up video ? -_-* regrettingly enough I dont know how to get the commit logs or whatnut you need with codeswarm from the SVN repository to emulate this.

that looks cool :))

i wonder what algorithms for graph creation were used?

no idea, but it’s awesome! :smiley: image how dense cloud it should be around this time :smiley:

When you include the GSoC projects the last two months have seen unprecedented development when you look at the total size of the commit log.

June and July has the commit log size both over 1 Mb. zipped according to the archives, this is a the largest size that a monthly commit log has ever been for Blender.

mmm yeah the number of builds is a tell tale.