Blender 2.5: Controlling the number of vertices in a circle mesh

Hi, maybe answered before, but i cant find any thread on the subject. I’m using blender 2.5 Alpha 2. When I add the default Circle mesh, where on earth can I control the amount of Vertices in it? The T and N panels do not appear to provide anything better than scale, and rotation or position, no vertice number anywhere, is this now defunct?

Yes it has been asked before. Bottom of the Tool panel or F6 when you add a circle.
The property editor


I’m having the same problem using 2.57 64 bit. The bottom of the tool panel has nothing but translate options, and the menu that comes up when you hit F6 only has those same options. I have seen video tutorials from version 2.56a that have this, so where did it go? How to I add vertices to my circle?

Aarbo, the described method (F6 or the Tool panel) only works immediately after you add the circle to the scene. If you do the simplest thing such as translating it after you add it you will get translate (or whatever) options in the F6 menu.

Thanks Fax. You are my new best friend!

And mine! Thanks Fax.

Should make this easier to find lol, This helped me as well.

I finally found it. LOL All day. Thanks for the blog answer about F6 Moderator. has a blender tutorial from 2009 . !! I like the video type of tutorial. I have downloaded 2.58 for mac.
Great tut but out of date. Any suggestions?



When I hit F6 immediately after Add/Curve/Circle, I only get the pop-up display what’s already showing in the panel. I get no option for vertices number selection. What am I doing wrong? I’m using v5.9 and I’ve done this before, but it’s not working for me now.


That’s a bezier circle. There’s no vertices on that one. Choose Add/Mesh/Circle

Ah-ha! Thank you very much!