Blender 2.5 crashes when trying to add a boolean modifier

See the attached *.blend file.

I want to perform a boolean operation with the right-gable and right-gable cut. This would cut the wall I made with siding down to the proper measurements and cut exact holes for the windows. Whenever I go to add the modifier, when I select the target object, Blender crashes. If I select the target object, but the objects are not intersecting, Blender doesn’t crash—however, it will crash the moment I move the objects such that they over lap.

Is this some sort of bug? Am I trying to make boolean modifiers do something they’re not intended to do?


long-homestead.blend (703 KB)

The first rule about using booleans in blender. They’re mostly rubbish.

Gawd, you’re right. I managed to make the boolean work by making the “cutting” object simpler (one object to cut the siding to shape, another to remove the windows). This results in something atrociously unusable.

I’m not sure how to get the desired effect without using a boolean.

If we had a good working knife you could cut those areas out. I used fake knife on an older build on the angled parts and booleaned out the windows, of course the mesh doesn’t look pretty after that, but it worked.