Blender 2.5, Debian and Wacom issue


Not sure where to post this issue but trying to get to the bottom of this.

For some reason Blender 2.5 is not picking the Wacom middle click. So I have no way yo rotate the viewport. On the otherhand this works in Blender 2.49, Mypaint and other applications.

Has anyone experienced such problem under Debian Sequeeze?

Please do move to appropriate forum if this the wrong place to post.


Emulate 3-button mouse in Preferences?

I’m not right now on Ubuntu at home, but as far as I remember, ctrl+“click” with the tip of the pen on the surface zooms in and out and alt or shift “click” rotates…

No none of those, I have tried all the possible options in the preferences. This seems more like Blender not feeling the middle mouse. I have no middle mouse with my Wacom in Blender 2.5. Again this works fine in Blender2.49 meaning that I have middle click in Blender 2.49.

Yours is just a work around, I am supposed to have middle click with my wacom. Btw that solution does not work with “left click” selection which is what I am used to work with.

big problem because if you had used right click to select, namekuseijin advice had had the job, it is the way I use Blender + Linux + Wacom.

Since you use left clic I think you should ask for this in the Input device this year Gsoc thread, he develops better input devices handling in Blender and this is his thread: summer of funny input devices

No problems under ArchLinux using xf86-input-wacom 0.10.7.

Not sure about right click being the only working option in 2.5, because it works well in 2.49. Have they decided against left click+wacom in 2.5?

I’m on Ubuntu 10.04, with an Intuos 4, and use Left Click. I can rotate using the button on the pen (which is what you’re trying to do I think?). It worked this way by default though so I can’t offer any suggestions on settings.

I’d probably ask around the Debian forums, as it’s probably something with the way Debian is setup than it is with Blender. I have a similar issue where I get no pressure sensitivity in Pencil, but every other program it works fine.

xrg, thanks for the feedback. This is really bizarre case. This issue limited to Blender 2.5 only, I have middle click in every other app inluding past versions of Blender.

I will ask the sculpt developers, maybe they have some idea.

Just put into the records, I think that I got to the bottom of this issue. I was using an app called Wacom Control Panel, this app loads custom settings during startup. So basically this was messing up Blender middle click. Disabling the app during start up seems to fixed it for now. Although this was working fine in Ubuntu 10 and Blender 2.5. Maybe somethings hav e changed

I have trouble with blender 2.5 too…
It does not use my pressure sensitivity level of my WACOM graphire 4 tablet.
In blender 2.49 and gimp i have no problem. (Ubuntu 9.10 64bit) :confused:

Funny, I actually do not have pressure sensitivity as well, but the Windows version under Wine works fine (with pressure) :slight_smile: