blender 2.5 demos and examples?

I have not made use of the game engine in a long time, maybe 3 years, but when i happened to find an old project of mine recently and it reminded me of the Gsoc project to add pathfinding to blender
something i really wanted and one of the reasons my project got mothballed. anyway, now i’m trying to get back into the game engine and python. the problem is that most demos i find are pre 2.5 and don’t work. it’s a nightmare trying to fix code i barely understand.

It is extremely confusing for someone just starting out to download a lot of broken examples. Is there a general wait happening for 2.6?
Basically, should a new list be created?

ok, i just thought of something… i downloaded ‘object_properties_and_color.blend’ from a post on the forum. would it not be better to post these to blendswap. with description (what it does) + ‘works in 2.5 r*****’ ?
just a thought.