Blender 2.5 (emit but no radiosity?)

I noticed that Blender 2.5 still has the emit property.Is there a way to turn on radiosity?

Radiosity is going to bite the dust in 2.5, we have to wait for GI.

By, mib

Nope, no radiosity!
Have no fear, some new better stuff is in the works.

Cool, just checkin.

emit works with brecht’s AAO Based GI

Brecht´s AAO-based GI? Sounds awesome! Please tell us more:D Is it fast? How good does it look? Has this already been discussed without me konwing?

(rendertime: about 24 seconds)

thanks to ZanQdo

The bright area under the sphere seems a bit odd, but otherwise it looks nice and fast:yes:

I’ve seen some nice pics of AAO color bounce hack here and there, however I can’t get it working.
Does anybody know correct AO and materials settings or have an example blend file?

figured out myself. Mesh must have enough vertices.

Here is the .blend if someone needs.

@Jorzi, Brecht will be working on that bright area, and see if he can fix that.

will this system be easier to use than Radiosity? I never really used it, but when I tried I very quickly got confused…

radiosity was:

  • a mess (joined meshes, material limit, etc)
  • static

this is really an astonishing news!
indirect multiplebounces with AAO will change the look of blender’s renders!

@Jorzi - you can use AAO with compositing to basically cancel it out, seeing as they are the same system.

Will be doing a Durian blog post on it soon-ish, but we are doing the weekly and then having team dinner soon.

Indirect Bouncing

Indirect Bouncing with AAO composited over the top

No Indirect Bouncing or AAO

Very nice :slight_smile:
I assume you will be able to combine these directly in the AAO panel to avoid unnecessary compositing?

It seems to only happen when I use multiple bounces. Also, diffuse intensity seems to be ignored, as well as the diffuse colors of all but the first bounce material, rather than multiplying the colors together.

A scene with one emit plane (no lights) and three other planes, with their own diffuse colors. There’s a green plane is facing downward just above the bottom plane:

With bounces=0:

With bounces=2. Looks pretty normal, though we don’t see any red bouncing off the red plane, because it’s bouncing as white (color of the first emitter material) instead:

With bounces=3. We start seeing the glow artifact:

.blend file for above

it also seems by increasing the intensity you increase the color bleeding, try to kick up the intensity and lower the bounces to give it a try.

it would be nice to know the settings (bounces, indirect, emit…) used for your render so to have a place to start playing (and test) from

@lsscpp - still playing with it a bit today, planning a blog post on the Durian site soon. With the file of course.

Wonder: is subsurf a turnaround or has it to be made with “real” amount of vertices?

thank you so much :yes: