Blender 2.5 error

I have a very odd error with blender 2.5, under ubuntu 10.04, i have already confirmed all of my librarys are complete and work, blendr 2.49 works, but no build of blender 2.5 works.

mach$~/Downloads/blender-2.5-alpha2-linux-glibc27-i686: ./blender
Error: File incomplete
Segmentation fault

i have never seen an error like this before, and too clarify i have searched the forums, downloaded again, did a custom compile( it compiled fine ) and searched google(which yields useless results)

This was due to svn trying to merge the default startup.blend of my branch with the one in the trunk, the result was most likely complete garbage. Blender would then crash if you didn’t have your own startup.blend saved.