Blender 2.5 FBX Export to XNA

Has anyone had any luck exporting a model to fbx with Blender 2.5 (alpha2) and then loading in with XNA? I’m able to load my model but the meshes are very messed up. A simple cube has the top and bottom face cutting diag through the cube and a cylinder looks flat. I know for ealier versions of Blender there where special export scripts when targeting XNA. For Blender 2.5 I’m just not sure how to proceed.

If you need this, stick with the latest stable release of blender, 2.49b


Why is that? Is there a known bug or is this feature missing known functionality to be able to do this?

I’m not sure if many users here have Blender 2.5 Alpha 2. I can try to help you if you have Blender 2.49b, but not 2.5 unless I’m using the final version of 2.5.

Like Richard said, stick with the latest 2.49b.

But I’m trying to figure out why I’m getting the feedback to not use 2.5. The whole point of an alpha is to use it and uncover bugs, report them, and get them fixed. If this is an unknown bug for completed functionality then a more appropriate response is to file a bug. If it is a known bug then I won’t bother filing the bug and can look forward to a fix. If it’s a feature that isn’t implemented yet then I’ll also just wait. What I don’t want to do is turn my back on the feature and not have it be usable for XNA for the next release because everyone just keeps switching back to a prior version whenever they encounter an issue.

I am also assuming this is the correct forum for this… is there a more appropriate forum for 2.5 discussions? The forums on all seam to want to just deal with developer issues and refer end users to these forums. Perhaps there should be a special forum for 2.5 specific questions?

'cause it’s not in a fit state for serious inclusion in anyones workflow at the moment.

No, that’s what a beta is for. Alpha is just a little taster. Alphas are never usually made public but the developers are being nice to us and letting us see and have a play with the future of Blender. Some people follow the development mailing lists, keeping an eye on new features, old features etc and are therefore clued enough to know when something isn’t working as expected and therefore possibly a bug. I’m pretty sure somewhere on it states that 2.5x Alphas are for people with seroius knowledge of Blender to play with and report back.

If, for instance, you see a commit message from say Campbell Barton (fbx script creator) on the developers mailing list, saying he’d implemented full fbx export functionality and you test it and it doesn’t work then you’d be confident of it possibly being a bug and would like to hear from you.

Anything in 2.5x that utilises a python script for functionality should be considered broken not bugged. The new python api is in a state of constant development in line with Blender. No serious development of python scripts can be undertaken until the python api is nailed down. This probably won’t happen until the official release of 2.6. Until then, if you need a stable working enviornment for FBX export, use 2.49b.

Thanks for the response, there is some good information in here.

Well I disagree with your interpretation of alpha but that is ok. (It is usefull to find bugs and get feedback, but with far much less functionality and expectations than a beta release). Hearing what people gripe about also helps guide next steps.

I’ll follow the developer forums to try to get a better picture of what is in and out right now.

For anyone who finds this post looking for an FBX to XNA script for Blender 2.5.
I have tried with the Beta 2.53 of Blender and I still cannot get FBX to XNA. I have used the new script and heavily edited the old script. Neither get anywhere near at the moment.

Hopefully someone who knows Blender scripting better than I can figure out the necessary changes.