blender 2.5 file browser issue

I have (for months now) a strange problem with Blender 2.5 in the file browser. Suddenly I am unable to open or save files, and the file browser displays no files. I loose all work done up to the last time I saved. I have to quit and restart blender to be able to interact with the file system again.
I’m not sure what triggers it, but I suspect it is something to do with sorting the file browser view by date (or with blender’s generation of file previews).

I’m using trunk builds of blender on OS X 10.6.4

I have made a screen cast so you can see what is happening:

and here is the console output from that session:

Is anyone else on mac experiencing this? Any suggestions?

The same thing happens to me when I run the Blender 2.5 (32 bit) trunk build on my MAC OS X 10.5.8. It happens to me when I have an image file loaded as a texture and i try to load a different image in the same texture channel. The error message reads, "can’t read: " " too many open files. Then when I try to open an image the file browser is empty. Unfortunately I have no idea why this happens, i guess it must be a glitch in the software. Just thought that I would let you know that you are not the only one experiencing this problem and I hope that this can be fixed soon. :wink:

i have a similar issue with the newest build: sometimes my reference images disappear suddenly. when i try to reload them nothing happens, and when i try to reopen them the file browser is completely empty (while the path is correctly displayed).

my first thougt was, it might have to do something with the new (it is new isnt it?) option box in th user preferences under files: “relative paths” is checked by default. but i might be completely wrong.

edit: after a second look, the file path shown in the file browser is NOT correct. for example:

it should be “/volumes/hd04/grafik/rendering/projects/tutorials/2010/sourcefiles/”
but it reads: “/volumes/hd04/grafik/rendering/projects/tutorials/projects/tutorials/2010/sourcefiles/”

this might really look like an error with merging relative / absolute file paths. my .blend file btw in this case is stored in:


Is it me or the last 30498 build has problems with the Bookmarks? F1 File Open, then it does nothing when selecting bookmarks?

Now that I know i’m not the only one experiencing this, I have submitted a bug report.

ooops… seems my bug report is a duplicate:

Well it seems that i am not the only user to whom this happens …

This problem seems to be related to file(s) in the directories browsed.
I originally had a directory full of lots of loose files (.blends, .pngs, .jpgs, .whatevers) and was experiencing this problem constantly. I moved all these loose files into separate directories and now (unless i navigate into one of those directories) I don’t have this problem. I still don’t know which file(s) causes the file browser to fail.

i’m having this same problem…and i’m not sure i understand:
because blender is showing a preview of the files in the directory, that’s “too many open files” for it to handle?? or do the previews matter at all? if it only showed the names would this still happen?
it always deletes the .blend i’m working on when this happens and i have to use an autosave. pretty annoying, and dangerous when i’m working on work-related stuff.