Blender 2.5 Fluid sim Drops, Floats, Tracer problem


I am playing with the tracer particles of the Blender’s fluid sim.
Under ‘Domain Particles’ I set Tracer Particles to 200.
Under ‘Domain Boundary’ I set Subdivisions to 2.
I added a plane and activated Fluid->Particles.
I created a small ICO-sphere, created a group out of it and set the Render type of the plane to the group above.
If I enable ‘Floats’ (baking directory is same as domain baking directory) and bake I cannot see any particles.
Only if I enable ‘Tracer’ and bake again I can see some particles, but I want floats.
2nd problem is that the tracer particles does not follow the movement of my fluid.
The fluid moves from right to left, shakes and so on but the tracer particles stay at the same place all the time.

So how to get Floats visible and how to get the Floats following the movement of the fluid?

Thanks a lot for any idea!


still need help, thanks for any hint!

Add an object set ffluid type to particles, then choose floats. After that make sure that domain cache location and particle cache location is similar. Then Click the object where you place the particles float type after clicking it go to Particles Property Tab choose fluid particles create an icosphere and add it to fluid particles object. That would be it… The object you choose to be a fluid type particle is just an emitter it will not emit anything unless you insert another object or group for it to emit… Drops are like big splashes, Floats are like foam they generate when water is disrupted, Tracer leaves trace like water in windshields or droplets of rain…