Blender 2.5 fonts support

Hey guys,

I was wondering if someone knew about any improvement on the text tool in blender 2.5, such as supporting more types of font (other than Adobe Type 1).

And any improvements on the path import (.ai, .eps) ?

Also interested in the .ai/.eps format and fonts. Would help me switch completely to Blender more quickly as well. I get quite a bit of logo work and these formats are used in probably 95% of the jobs.

yep fonts in blender are not as good as could be,

like in photoshop .

Also it would be very interesting to have the possibility to directly input Unicode text with Asian fonts (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arab, Hindi, etc.) into the 3D View simply by toggling the IME from one language to another in Windows like we do with any other usual Windows application.
For the time being, I am still using a script for that which was developed by a Japanese Blender user, Manda-san. The script is very good but, being a script, it does not allow the same interactivity we get when we directly input Alphabet text into the 3D view.
I wonder what Blender 2.5 developpers are doing at the moment to solve this particular aspect the solution of which would be really welcome by the many Asian Blender users, I guess.

I’m not sure I understand the question. Blender has supported TrueType for quite a long time now. Having font previews would be nice, though.