Blender 2.5 for beginners video tuts


I have made up a set of 5 tutorials on how to model a basic person/monkey figure loosely based around the model a simple figure out of the Blender Noob to Pro Text.

I was needing something to replace the noob to pro pdf as we have moved on to using 2.5 and the references to 2.4 series would be confusing for new students.

It is intended to get new students up and modelling straight away in 2.5 and so does not go through changes between versions or explain heaps of features, it just shows how to simply box model a character using subsurf and how to get a decent quality render.

I have uploaded to youtube and there are 5 parts to the series, sorry if the pace is a bit slow it is really aimed at total beginners (13-14 yearolds) who are moving on from some sketchup modelling

Each video is around 5 minutes long.
Cheers Chris!v=_vYQQ25NwGQ&feature=channel!v=Ghg04h7oUiw&feature=channel!v=YL-LsMaG98g&feature=channel!v=JQO1KB56EqQ&feature=channel!v=JQO1KB56EqQ&feature=channel