Blender 2.5 for newbies.....


I’m very new to blender. About 3 weeks now. Obviously I have a TON to learn. I have started with 2.49. The more I read and look at tutorials I am starting to think I should be learning 2.5 right from the start.

A lot of tutorials I see are 2.5 which is why I ask if I should go 2.5 right now.

Undestandably 2.5 is in alpha and contains bugs and such…but I also don’t want to relearn everything.

Is 2.5 that much diffrent?

Anyone have any suggestions to which path I should take? (Stay with 2.49 or learn 2.5?)

I’m at a loss…:spin:

Noobie alert, hello… and welcome… If you use the search function, there are many threads on this subject already. Blender 2.51 is Alpha2 stage development, which means some bugs, some crashes, some features not present, etc. Having said that, it is a great new development, much more accessible and “presentable” particularly for new people. However, there are a "boat load"of great tutorials for 2.49b. You can have both on-board at the same time. Train with the tutorials for 2.49b, scratch around for tutorials for beginners for 2.51 and transfer knowledge. It is all good. The challenge of more than one program at a time, is what this field is about. Good luck on the journey, use the search function, it will kick up all kinds of dust…

I’m a newbie myself of only just over a week and I went for 2.49 simply because of the tutorials. The tiniest omission in a tutorial can hold you back an hour or even days so to be using a tutorial meant for 2.49 while using 2.5 made me shudder. I’d suggest going with 2.49 because once you have learnt the basic concepts and have confidence in them then you should be able to make the transition to 2.5 more smoothly and be able to compensate for any variations in any further tutorials. That’s the theory anyway but what do I know? I’m a noob. :slight_smile:

First I appologize for posting such a repeat topic.

That being said, I decided to just get 2.5 and look at it.
I also am using the tutorials on blendercookie and very impressed what I see. 2.5 seems to make 2.49 look …for a lack of better term…old? The interface is much diffrent, but seems “cleaner” and better orginized, I was pretty lost at first, and still have a ways to go, but overall, i love it.

I appreciate all you feedback.

I think I am going to love blender and am very disapointed I didn’t know about and look into this much sooner. Welcome to 2010 I guess.


Yeah, I’m the exact opposite and I was wondering if I should go to Blender 2.5. I have used the older version of blender, and understand it pretty well. I would like to start using the new version but I feel as though it would be like learning the whole application all over again. So, I think if you are a beginner, go for it, but I hear that it still has a large amount of bugs, and that could be frustrating to someone new to the application. Hope this helps.