blender 2.5 full screen opening

Is there a way to instruct blender 2.5 to NOT open in full screen mode? I noticed another similar post that suggested that blender be launched with a “-w” parameter but this does not work. That post was several years old so I am assuming the comand line options may have changed since then.
Thnaks in advance for any assistance given.

i dont know, but why dont you just take the 15 seconds it takes to resize it?

Short answer, I suppose I’m lazy :). Long answer, I have 2 24" moniters that, for purposes of this discussion, contain the various blender tutorials that I am presently struggling with while I operate the application and, given that the documentation is (I believe) not yet fully up to date for v2.5, I frequently have need to bounce the app and having to continually resize it gets tiresome after a while.

why dont you just do one tutorial at a time, while on the other screen you use blender…its pretty simple…thats what I did and I have two screens as well

Mac, Linux or PC?

:LOL , apparently I can’t just reply “PC”.