blender 2.5 game engine faster?

just tried a new blender 2.5 build , and i clouldn`t trust my eyes!
normally the GE runs at 120 FPS with GLSL enabled (on my Toshiba Sattelite)
(just the basic scene (untextured cube with lighning)
now with the new build it runs over 400 FPS !!!
is it just a trick/ bug or reality ?

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I think Blender 2.5 uses the new “Fast Cube Tehnology” to render untextured cubes with lightning.:yes::yes::yes::wink:

The new blender 2.5 is sick i tell ya… off the hook:yes::yes::yes:

where can i download the new build with the game engine

it should all be bettter, end of story.

I get 100 frames in 2.49 and 120 in 2.5, build 23098

Latest 2.5 builds:
Blender - 2.5 - Python 2.6 & 3.1 - SVN 23137 - I386 - Linux
Blender 2.5 SVN 23116
Blender 2.5 OSX 10.4+ Python3.1 [23075]

For other builds visit: just look for Blender 2.5 in the build name and you’ll know its a 2.5 build

thanks andrew i downloaded its awesome and really fast.but how do i turn on glsl in the new build?
EDIT:the windows build works but the linux one doesnt

Funnily enough I’ve always got around 150 fps on my laptop. Now I havn’t downloaded blender 2.5 but just looking at my framerate in 2.49a it’s jumped to 370 fps. I have no idea why this could have hapenned as as far as I know I havn’t downloaded any updates. I’m gonna put it down to magic. :slight_smile: But given this seems to have happened the same day regardless of blender 2.5 or 2.49 I wonder if it’s actually to do with blender.
I’m on vista 64bit maybe there’s been an update there.

I wonder how much of that is to do with the jobs manager?

I mean the UI and the rest of Blender could be running in seperate threads the BGE isn’t using, thus any processing power taken up by Blender wouldn’t affect the BGE at all.

I ran several tests with a 1000 cubes as ridge bodies crashing on a plane. And 2.5 was a bit faster. You can change the BE setting by changing the Blender render to Blender Game

Maybe it has something to do with 2.5 being incomplete and not running all the same things that 2.49 is on the background, therefore being lighter?

Or is there some actual optimization work being done? That would be great news, I hope it is the case.

If you want a better test, you could try checking speeds with just the BlenderPlayer. This doesn’t have the rest of Blender to slow things down. :wink:

wow impressive :slight_smile:
did you try to create a GE runtime with 2.5 ?
glsl works ?
and the api is the same than 2.49b ??

I don’t think the “Make a runtime” option is available in 2.5 yet. Well, it’s probably there, but lacking a menu item. However, the Blenderplayer was recently brought back to life.

GLSL should work.

The api in 2.5 is mostly the same as 2.49b, except the deprecated methods were removed.

thanks moguri, will try it asap.

For a long time, I’ve used the Fish Demo as a “benchmark tool” to test the BGE speed when a new version of Blender is released, mostly because it allows you to add several kinds of instances, one by one, and see how the framerate drops.

And yep, it’s confirmed. In a particular crappy laptop I use as guinea pig, the 2.5 build gives an initial framerate of 50 fps, and after adding 40 fish (10 of each basic kind) it drops to 19. In the other hand, 2.49b offers 30 fps at start and crashes before reaching 35!


Although it’s impressive that they find time to improove BGE
with all this so much wanted interface update, this should
not be too surprising that they continiously improove this
Game engine since, AFAIK, it’s one of the strongest advantages
of blender against commercials softwares such as 3DSMax or Maya.

Maybe that’s just my opinion,

but guess what,
2 or 3 months ago, a friend of mine just bough Maya premium package for about 3000 $ US
(…or around that, was too astonished to remember the right number :p)
…and this guys just came back to blender lately for…

…guess what ?

Make a game :smiley:
(And a great one btw :eek:)

I admire all the blender developpers who are having sush a brillant idea
and will in creating and improving this awesome game engine.
Their work is outstanding in so many game areas that the
tutorials makers have troubles to reach their speed.

If any of these blender heads can find this single post lost in the sea of
BlenderArtist, they’ll find a supper mega huge…

I am currently rendering 812520 faces with 3 4096*4096 textures applied at 12 FPS on my 9800 GT 512 mb.
I am doing this by creating an array of the dragon I am building. There are 60 dragons being rendered.