Blender 2.5 game engine - Save as runtime and

Ok so i have little problem when i Save my game as runtime and there comes out mygame.exe i start it but my mouse look dont work?!?
What should i do that i get it work? im using that what works in v2.56. mouselook works when i start game in blender!

Hi jorkkeli, could you post an example file?

Thank you

Couple things.

  1. Is it an external text file? If so, make sure it’s in the same relative directory as the blend file.
  2. Check the console to see what the problem is.

Hey guys! I’m having a similar issue to Jorkkeli here. Could be that i’m too noob, but i’ve checked the stuff you guys suggested and ahven’t been able to make it work.

Sample file

PS: i’m using 2.57b, on windows.

Many thanks in advance