Blender 2.5 is out!!!


this is really exciting news. The devs were coding in secret (this also explains why Ton was not committing officially hos new code) and now have really great surprise for us. Blender 2.5 is finally out and I have to say it is really great.

Get it here:

I knew it all the time.

Actually they want to reduce the version number by, so 2.5 would be 1.4, simply because they fear that it becomes too big. At least that’s what some RFCs said.

you do realize how unfair this is? last year farsthay really did anounce (well cyborg dragon did it for him here) volumetrics? at first i thought rick rolled, then remebered it was april fools. is that how rick rolled started? how many times has rick roll been ricked rolled? the only ones that would fall for it are noobs, even noobier than me. thats not a challenge. use blender next time. do an animation of a joke or something, and edit in a access denied right before the punchline. and the punchline has to be at the end, no rick roll.

Rickroll started out as Duckroll, I am ashamed to know the history.

  1. April :slight_smile: Good one

F*** you ^^ No sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I totally forgot about 1st April lol -.-’’’ Dammit u got me ;D

I thought about posting this thread so you didn’t get me ><


I still say the best April Fool’s joke was the one about Macromedia buying Blender. They even had a screen shot of the branded splash screen.


They were coding in private for a while…but if anyone truly thought 2.5 was out…I am sorry(that would be a real bummer for you), but it is april 1’st.

Now that is an April Fool’s right there, I also remember when Farsthary first posted about his volumetrics here on April 1st and people thought it was a joke until it was found it was not:D

So to end this:
Of course this was April the 1st news.

If anyone was annoyed I am really sorry. On the other hand look at BlenderNation new as of today :slight_smile: