(Blender 2.5) keyboard arrow keys and cursor : bug or feature ?

Hello boys and girls,

I am sometime testing Blender 2.5 Alpha 0, while I am not really using it. I’ve submitted a first bug report two days ago.

This time, I do not know if it’s a bug or a feature.

With Blender up to 2.49, you may use the keyboard arrow keys to move the cursor during grab, size and so on.

This does not work anymore with Blender 2.5. As there are some real troubles with the 2.5 UI (at least on Windows XP), this may be a bug like the other ones, but as Blender 2.5 has a new UI, I cannot be sure.

So is this behavior a bug or a feature ? (keyboard arrow keys not working anymore). I have to know, to then know if I have to submit a bug report or not.