Blender 2.5 LAN Multiplayer Game

Is it possible to do LAN in Blender Game Engine?

Of course it is. Look at WSAG, or any of the other internet blender game demo’s

The thing is, if you want to do it you had better learn python, and judging by the other questions you have asked it seems you may not have learned it yet. (I may be wrong)

Learn it, that is the best thing to do. Look at the API, and at tuts, or google

When you have learnt how to make a single player game (python movement, hit scam weapons inventory etc) then you may think about multi-player. Or you could just find a experienced coder and ask him to do it for you, but I doubt he would.

summary: yes;
bzoo,wsag,dynamic networking in blender, agoose77’s network component, jbc’s networking.

Me and my brother both are making a game and I think have made good progress in a few weeks. We are both learning python its just kinda slow. I’m working mainly on game play and graphics while he’s working more on scripting. I hope we can actually get a real full multiplayer lan game working.