Blender 2.5 layer key?

Hi guys! I’m new to BlenderArtists. I’m searching a simple way to animate the visibility of an abject in blender 2.5. In the 2.4x versions i used the layer key to do that.
I don’t find the layer key in blender 2.5, where is it? Sorry but i’m a beginner:o


Just tried to import a Blender 2.4x files that has layer keying and unfortunately when trying to load that file into Blender 2.52, the layer keys seem to be ignored even though they show up the Blender 2.52 Graph Editor window. As far as I can tell you can’t set layers directly from 2.52 (yet).

So it looks like it’s not implemented yet :confused:

There is another way in 2.5.

Thank you guys! For now i’ll use the AlanK’s method and i’ll wait for the first official beta release!!

It seems to partially work for me in blender 2.5. I just tried it, mouse over the layers and pressed the i-key, the object layers turned yellow. I opened the graph editor and had curves there. I advanced 10 frames, changed which layers are on, i-key again. See attached screenshot. However, when scrubbing through the timeline the 3d view didn’t change and when rendered the animation, it didn’t change layers. But if I render a single image before and one after I changed the layers visibility, it worked. To me, it seems to half work. I hope this makes sense. I’m using build 29268, a real recent one I download the past weekend.



I tried this method before but it’s too complicated for a beginner and for simple scenes. For my needs the use of an ipo curve “restrict render” is enough. In blender 2.5 alpha2 it’s necessary to search it in the datablock for each object but i tried a recent build (1416) in which it’s possible to insert a keyframe and create that ipo curve simply by right clicking the icon of renderability in the outliner.