blender 2.5 mesh

How can we work with the mesh in python? In blender 2.5.
V dokumentaci to nemuzu nikde najit.

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Look at the scripts in the scripts folder of your blender installation to see how they change meshes with python. then use the python API reference to change the scripts to suit your needs

How can select vertex per ID?

ob = bpy.context.object
me =
me.vertex[0].selected =  True


ob = bpy.context.object
me =
for v in me.verts:
    v.selected = True

or[0].selected = True

cool Thanks

We can do that operators will remain active for example Grap. that it may be used by user in a viewport?

I need to do waiting for the use of functions. For example I’ll use the script will use extrude and who’s finally moved vertex. but that it waited before Use it extrude mice and eventually moved.

look up modal, its in the operator templetes