blender 2.5 motion blur factor (full sample motion blur)

Does anyone know where to change the motion blur factor for full sample motion blur (i.e. not node based) is in blender 2.5? I was wondering if it has either not been added back in yet or moved somewhere else like camera settings?

Also is a maximum of 32 motion samples generally enough for most people or would it be better to make this much larger? I’m guessing with blender 2.5 you could animate this value to have lower samples for frames with less motion and higher values for frames with a lot of motion.

I much prefer the look (accuracy) of the full sample motion blur to the nodal vector blur especially for text based/motion graphics animations (where each frame tends to render quickly anyway), but I hate the posterisation effect where there is a lot of movement/not enough samples…

I think blender is the only software that comes close to competing with after effects (with its huge price tag)

It’s called “Full Sample Motion Blur” and it’s right in the render settings panel. I don’t think Alpha 0 had it yet so you’ll want a later build.

Yes - found the “Full Sample Motion Blur” - but it is the “blur factor” setting I am interested in - to control the amount of motion blur (as in previous versions of blender)

I couldn’t find this setting for the FSMB, but you can change it for the Vector Blur node.

Hopefully they’ll put that setting back for FSMB in a future release, because I can never get the Vector Blur to look as good. Not to mention the limitations it has, like not blurring reflections or objects behind transparent objects.