blender 2.5 new game-engine?

does blender version 2.5x have a new game engine, or just the same as 2.4x?

it’s not “new”, but it has been worked on considerably, speed increases are a denominator of the work.

On my system just the opposite is true trying out 2.49 blends no scripts and only one object in my game, as soon as i start the FPS goes down form 60 FPS to about 1.7 FPS and stays there. Yeah it’s almost standing still. That’s one reason i am still with 2.49 l’d like to go with 2.5 but i think i will have to wait until i get a new computer


that’s an error, try the latest 2.59

Agoose is correct - while the BGE isn’t ‘new’ in 2.5, it has become faster. In addition, the UI in 2.5 is very conducive to game design. By the time the Google Summer of Code projects are over and the feature freeze on 2.5 is done and other projects are added in, the BGE will be stronger than it has ever been. I’m personally looking forward to dfelinto’s material mode replacement of the texture face panel, along with Moguri’s animation and Kupoman’s BGE polishing projects.

EDIT: Yes, digiman - try the 2.59 RC. Maybe it solved your problem, or maybe it’s your graphics card. I know that at one time, Blender had a feature to use Triple Buffering or Vertex Arrays in Blender’s display, which my computer couldn’t handle. It was 1 or 2 FPS outside of the game engine until I switched the mode to one that my computer could use.

I tried 2.59 and it works faster but not a s fast as 2.49 ( i count the objects i add looking at FPS 2.49 is a bit faster) and some of the animations POP while in 2.49 those animations work great. It is not as good as i hoped but still way better than 2.57 my computer is about 6 years old but last year i put in a new graphics card


I’ve got the same problem here - a simple cube scene, 7 FPS. (This is with 2.5) I try it on my friends computer, and bam - 130 FPS. I have no such problems with 2.49.