[Blender 2.5] Numerics Reporting Incorrectly

I am trying to use the new feature in Blender 2.5 (2.58.1 r38122) that reports Face Area and Edge Length.

As an example to my problem, I made a 8mx8mx1m box. The area of the face that is 8mx8m should be 64m^2. The edge length should be 8m.

The values that show up on the Numerics (under mesh display) for the edge lengths are 8.596m and the face area is 73.889m.

Box set with the dimensions transform

Edge Length and Face Area

A 4mx4mx1m box set with the dimensions after set to 8m

Edge Length and Face Area after the dimensions modification

It seems to me that the numerics are not being updated after the object is modified via the dimensions transforms. Anyone else experience this? Any work-a-rounds?

You’re adjusting the size by using the scale, just change the dimensions of the box in the dimensions area and leave the scale at 1 for all channels (XYZ). Then be sure to apply the scale by hitting Ctrl-A and choosing scale from the list.

Thank you ajm! Your solution worked!

I am a little confused. What is scale? and What are the dimensions? How is scale modified (using the scale tool via s key)?

Also, I have more complicated objects that were scaled via the scale tool. Is there an easy way to reset scale to 1 while maintaining the dimensions?


Using the scale tool does change the numbers in the scale fields as well as the dimension fields it’s just that you have to apply the scale in object mode so that things turn out right in edit mode. If you use the standard cube and then use S to scale it up, notice the scale factor change in the fields. Now hit Ctrl-a and you will see the scale reset to 1. This will come in handy for many things along the way. LuxRender will recognize objects were scaled in object mode unless you apply the scale either by pressing Ctrl-a in Object mode or by doing the scaling in Edit mode.

That makes sense.

So what happens if the object is scaled in object mode and vertices translated in edit mode without applying in object mode? After translating vertices in edit mode, the object is then applied in object mode. Even worse, what if an object is scaled in object mode, verts translated, then scaled in object mode. After all of this, the object is then applied?


Applying the scale factor is basically saying that the object is “that size”. Scales and translates in edit mode will always be seen as being 1 to 1, or in other words the scale is 1. In object mode scales are always one way or the other from 1 and the scale should be applied, it’s not always necessary though, but good practice in many cases especially when you make things to scale, and wish to use them in other scenes.

Think of doing things in edit mode as saying “this is how it is” and in object mode “this is how I want it to be…” The only way you can change how you want it to be into how it is, is by applying scales, rotations, or location while in object mode. In edit mode, no matter what you do, that’s the way it is.