Blender 2.5 Physics: Wireframes Chains Ropes Strings & Spaghetti

Series of quick technical tests and demonstrations of some of the things I’m slowly working on for Blender 2.5.

There is a real-time (in Blender physics interaction) demo near the end…

YouTube: Blender 2.5 Physics: Wireframes Chains Ropes Strings & Spaghetti - Bullet Physics Capsules

Im speechless

Yeah, that’s pretty good. You should release the ‘click and drag with the mouse to apply a force’ script. Looks pretty interesting.

Looks awesome :eek:,

How heavy is the capsule shape on the game engine and what frame rate do you get real-time? It seems quite efficient with so many links. And is the rope made out of one object or with multiple segments somehow linked together?

The capsule shape is about as “heavy” as any of the other basic Bullet shapes. I’m not sure if Phymec has other goodies in his build, but the basic Bullet capsule shape is available in Blender 2.5, so grab a build and play with it. :wink:

And as usual, cool stuff Phymec. :slight_smile:

Silly me, I completely overlooked the new shape in my transition to 2.5 :o

I still would like to know how Phymec made his rope spaghetti though :confused:, is it using constraints?

:slight_smile: I made a video justifying adding the Bullet Physics capsule primitive the first time started using 2.5 Alpha 0:

The real-time you see in the recent video (first post) was made using an unmodified, regular BF Blender build. Yes, strings = series of capsules joined by rigid body constraints.

Wow, I’d love to see the script, no need for add ons and pretty stuff - just the script, it looks so powerful

Cannot believe this is really going to happen
So awesome!

bump to see updates on this script

Any updates on Phymec Tools???

No new for Phymec tools or KaiKostack Demolition 2.5 :frowning:

Is there a build which has some of these scripts included, or links to the scripts so that we can have a play around? The examples in the videos and your other ones on YouTube are absolutely brilliant. This would add some serious functionality to blender. I have been working lots of demolitions within blender recently and these tools look like they would help a great deal. I would love to get to keeping with this.

Nice work phymec

Where to get phymec_tools?

wow pretty impressive tho and very realistic,i was in doubt of which physics i would use for my game in ogre 3d,i was deciding between physX or bullet but by the videos i have been watching i can tell you that bullet is really intresting so that might be my choice!
great video thi congratz!