Blender 2.5 Portable available?

Right now I am working on a school project and I want to use Blender for some things. Unfortunately we have no rights on the Macs in school to install any software and there’s also no way to change it through my teacher. So I was wondering if I could use a portable version of Blender on such a Mac? Or will it also not work due to the digital rights problem?

If this is possible, are there any 2.5 portable builds? A newer build would be great, because I am probably going to sculpt some stuff and the speed improvements in sculpting are always welcome ;)!

None of the Mac versions need installing. All you need is the app and it will run. You can run it from a usb stick if you want.


Oh yeah you are right … Well … it still doesn’t run on the Macs in school :/. It’s a unauthorized program so it doesn’t allow to run the application. So I guess there is no workaround?


I have the same problem, although for me it’s that my college has higher speced systems. I found this thread while searching for a review on the portable version of blender; anyway the method I was going to use was to use a usb to run a resource light linux distro with blender installed, I just been researching the best ways to do that now.

I don’t know if this method would be of any use to you, or if the computers at your school will boot a usb (are they all macs?), but I’ll try and look back sometime over the weekend and if your intrested I could post what I’ll be trying on monday.

Also I would say that students have been been trying to find ways past admin blocks for ever and while I have no mac experince I’m sure with the right googling you might find something, perhaps lanching it from command line, inside a different program that supports links or if it doesn’t need to be installed from the web and dropbox.

Good luck.:wink: