Blender 2.5 Pyton API

I’m just wondering, would it be possible (and advised) to start working with Blender 2.5 Python API instead of old one?

If I read this: It sounds very promising.

It does say this also: “Design of the new scripting API is in progress still.”

I have some Python (hobby) experience and almost none in Blender. I’m just a little worried that if I learn old API I cannot use the knowledge in new one…

As far as I know, the Blender Python 2.5 API does not exist yet. The only thing which is known is that there will be two wrappers (around data blocks and operators) and a small additional API to fill the gaps. Maybe Blender Winter Camp pushed things a bit further, but I think the new API will only appear in the first (public) test builds of Blender 2.5

The Blender 2.5 python API will most likely be very different from the old one!

But yes… it’s nowhere near the point where it’s usable or ready. You’ve come in at an awkward point. If you need a python script for a production right now, then definitely just keep working in 2.48. That’s certainly what I am doing. Once 2.5 is ready I’ll have to spend some time converting my scripts and learning the new API.

For you it’s definitely a difficult decision, and entirely up to you. Learning new skills is never bad… but yes, a lot of the effort may be wasted. I don’t quite know what to advise you. Just remember that of course, whatever you program now can naturally be converted some way later on.

Knowledge is heuristic. Your knowledge of the old Blender API will enable you to learn the new one much faster. First, you need to learn what you can do with Blender and Python, and that knowledge is transportable to the next version.