Blender 2.5 release party

Blender2.5 [alpha] is coming along ! siggraph is in what? a week from now or whatnut. But later in autumn (or winter) when the sharp officiall 2.5 is released.

isn’t that somthing to celebrate, we could have a global release party at the same day all over… it’s gonna be hard to get everyone together but capitals in each country could have each a party.

mingle, talk blender, take photos and upload here.

I celebrate Blender every day, minimum 8 hours per day (work).
(Maybe I am a pity worm, because I celebrate 2.x versions.)

Is 2.5 even feature complete?

Kind of a prerequisite of an alpha release…unless you’re MS then you give alpha releases fancy names like ‘millennial edition’ and ‘vista’.

Last I looked a bunch of stuff was missing like big chunks of the python api and full dna/rna functionality. But that was a while ago and they do work fast.

You guys should be talking about donating to the Bmesh and other Blender projects before partying.
It sounds selfish and parasitic.

I’ll party

Selfish and parasitic, huh?

No, that would be a beta(aka. pre release-candidate). :slight_smile:

& I’ll be throwing drinks arround no matter what. :wink:

Fall or winter is way to optimistic, a lot of work remains. my guess would be earliest in the beginning of next year…

I’ll be celebrating in the forum of working with Blender 2.5.

That should actually be really celebrated!

2.5 is going to provide a new foundation for Blender to grow on and get better.

Actually I read somewhere that “no 2.5, no Durian”, so I´d say they´re pushing for having it production ready for fall this year. Things are starting to take shape, a lot of work is being done - I´m actually optimistic to have a workable version in october=)

Fantastic idea! A global releasparty in as many cities as possible…and maybe also at the same time in every city where there are a party, there will also be room for a little box where donations can be made to the blender foundation and the devs…or just mark up the price of beer with a dollar, and for every beer, there is a dollar to the devs :slight_smile:

Ill will offer to host the Stockholm event! :slight_smile:

We shouldn’t celebrate Blender 2.5, we should celebrate the people that made it happen…

I think it will definitely be worth celebrating!

I just hope that over-excited users don’t spread the word that a pre-release build is actually a production-ready version. When Durian starts, I doubt that 2.5 will be production-ready in a normal sense. It will be production-ready for Durian because the developers are right there in the same room ready to tweak things as needed. Version 2.5 will be ready for real public use AFTER it’s been used to produce something like the Durian project. To suggest otherwise would be a really bad PR move similar to some that Microsoft have made and would naturally yield the same negative results. Let’s learn from their mistakes.

+1 Kernond, the Graphicall builds are definately beta tests. Surely everyone understands this, the only garuanteed Blenders are the DLs from

But theres nothing wrong with technical demonstrations is there? All good movies tease ahead of release, why not software?

Vista,…good one.

Oh yeah, Graphicall builds are definitely beta tests, and that’s a wonderful thing. But that’s not what I meant. I was thinking more along the lines of a post being made on a site like CGSociety touting the availability of the same version of Blender 2.5 that’s being used for Durian. This would give the false impression that it’s truly production-ready and reflects what people can expect when the official release is available. That would be an incorrect impression to give.

Also, we, as regular users of Blender understand what GraphicAll is all about but I wouldn’t assume that “everyone” knows that, especially non-Blender users. And, believe it or not, every potential user hasn’t heard of Blender…yet. :slight_smile:

@arctistic , awesome since thats where I am living ^ ^

@jskurias here we go again ;D … tell my why I should only donate to those projects ? that sounds parasitic of nothing else.

But on the otherhand it’s payday for us in sweden today ! and i promised jahka on IRC yesterday to donate and so I will ^^ particles is coming along nice…

And I also do belive, no b2.5 no durian. How much stuf didn’t elephants dream bring to blender, or the peach projects (bbb +yo frankie) in terms of new tools and widgets.

But how much of b2.5 is left ? I would say it’s past 50%, particles is even further down the road than it was in 2.4!! it’s over 100% implementation, there are new particle stuf in 2.5 that’s not present in 2.4

new settings ! :smiley: etc etc… so how can we compare 2.4 vs 2.5

to quote ideasman from is commits logs it’s time to install py3.1 since they’ve gotten so far they’re gonna drop 2.x builds

Make linux/scons default to python 3.1 rather then the version scons runs with.

for a while py2.x will work but eventually be dropped when most OS’s support it, so Id recommend upgrading.

I think the release of 2.5 is worthy celebration, massive work has been done, entire structure has been redesigned with new pattern and re-written from the ground up.

onwards and upwards blenders!

Well, workable is not the same as final release. And Durian won’t require every feature of blender to work and be bug free, especially not at the beginning of the project. One of the targets of the durian project is to make the Blender 2.5x series fully production ready. it will be intresting to see how the devs will manage this and all the other technical targets. I’m sure they will do great even to the targets are tough. But hey, that’s what open projects is all about, pushing the limits.

But when they say “No 2.5, no Durian”, shouldn’t that mean that they will have a final release at by then :confused:? In that case it really should be production ready. I’d say that if they are going to release it in that manner, it should be seen as the current stable version of blender. And with the current pace of development it should be quite possible too, i guess (having no actual clue about it of course :stuck_out_tongue: )

However, if “No 2,5…” etc. just means that they need a version of blender they can
use themselves, then you are of course right.