Blender 2.5 Series Roadmap, Changed.

The Blender 2.5 Series Roadmapwas different.

there was a sculpting focus , animation focus and other stuff , now those are gone.

does this means there wont be focus on this , or has it allready been done ?

Well sculpt and animation has gotten a lot of focus and been improved greatly. And now there are GSOC projects for sculpt tools, multiresolution work (including masking and hiding) and input devces as well as bullet physics aimed for animators (and not just a side effect of BGE)

Wait, you want more than an animation system recode (animato), multires modifier (for sculpt), complete new UI, python access to pretty much everything, an (incomplete) external renderer api and hundreds (thousands even) of other changes?

Seems like plenty of new stuff to me…

no , i was just wondering why thr roadmap had changed.

Would be nice to have the python constraint system back in 2.5 though

As already mentioned, because of SOC now covering those things…

Things happen, roadmaps change…


that was actually what i wanted to know.

What got me a little confused is if the final program is going to be called now Blender 2.5 or Blender 2.6 as it was in the old roadmap. How is the final version going to be called?

I think there will be a 2.5 Beta version which will be updated, I.e. 2.5.1, 2.5.2 etcetera and then when 2.6 comes along that will be seen as the final new version for the re-code, if that makes sense. Since 2.6 will/ should have all functionality of 2.49b, plus things like Bmesh and full finished API’s.

Seams even more logical to me than jumping from beta to a new number. Won’t be shocked at all here. :eyebrowlift:

EDIT: Really looking forward 2.5 Beta! Surely will get together all the gathered inprovements brought in all the devs builds at

doesn’t beta mean that there is a feature freeze and what should be going on only will be bug fixing so bmesh, render stuff, gsoc projects will come in post 2.6.

I’m still thinking that with this many changes and upgrades… I mean basically a total makeover… that this will still end up being a 3.0 release.

If it doesn’t happen now then I don’t know when it ever will.

Since 2.6 will/ should have all functionality of 2.49b,

I doubt it, I have already seen functionality dropped.

Yea, no doubt they will drop certain things that are out-dated but in general 2.6 will be the first feature complete version of the new re-code.