Blender 2.5 Shape Key tutorial

I have posted a tutorial on YouTube after playing around with 2.5.

Still can’t find how to make shape drivers tho!


I this post may help:

It demonstrated using drivers and shapekeys.

That is a nice tutorial.

Is there a way to add geometry to the mesh for each shape key? So key #1 is the cube and Key #2 is the cube with a totally new extruded face?


As far as I know you can’t add extra geometry to a mesh which has shapekeys added to it and expect the shapekey deformations to work well (in some cases). Blender wont stop you doing it but it probably won’t work.

The only way as far as I know to do the extruded face thing with shapekeys would be to have the extra geometry already in the cube but squashed flat and then just move geometry to make it look the way it would when extruded.