Blender 2.5 suggestions

Okay I got a couple of suggestions for Blender 2.5. How about surface selecting like if an edge is 90 degrees or less on an angle you can select all of the faces on that surface. Example say there is a beach that has many uneven surfaces. Why not just press one button to select all the faces on the top layer of sand. Also there can be many improvements down to the Blender Game Engine like having better physics, and maybe can handle higher poly models. It should have a menu creating system as well where you can easily create menus for games like that.

Even in Blender 2.4x under the Select menu, there is “Linked Flat Faces” that works the way you describe.

Hi there!

I had an idea for a new feature for Blender 2.5. Maybe a resizable Preview Render window would be a good idea… The current one is a bit too small, in my opinion :frowning:

Of course, I only found the window a week or two ago, so I might not know how to resize it (if this is possible). :slight_smile:

Two things:

  • To be able to deselect when clicking on empty space.
  • “New Selection”, “Add to old selection” and “Remove from selection” modes for all selection related operators.

The end. Im sure there are many other “what do you want in 25” threads like this though…

@ MeshWeaver: If you are talking about the Preview in 2.4x then you just have to right-click the lower right corner of the box (there are to Lines in a 45° angle that mark that corner) and pull the window what size you want it to be.

My only suggestion is a rather small one: I’d love to be abled to create a new face (F) while using the (border select?) painter like tool to select vertices (B in Editmode)…
Besides that I love me blender :smiley:


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On the bottom right corner are a few lines which indicate that you can resize it if you click and drag this spot.

Thanks a lot! This will help. :smiley:

Going to try it out right now :smiley:

HAHA first :smiley:

hm but now I think… why did I even post in such a thread? XD