Blender 2.5 svn 29533 and orbiting my view

I’m having a bit of problem understanding how orbiting my view works. I’m trying to get the view to orbit based on my selection. So I set the “pivot point” to “Active Element” (does this even affect the orbit?). However, it seems to be orbiting in an odd (unpredictable to me) manner. At first I thought it was orbiting around the center of my view (which I can live with it if is as I could just pan my view until my object is centered before I orbit). But that does not appear to be the case.

I am set to “turntable” orbiting in the user preferences and I cannot figure out how the orbit view works. Any poin

In the preferences you can also select Rotate Around Selected. Does exactly what it says.

Thanks Richard. That setting is indeed in 2.49b. Any idea where it is in 2.5?

2.5 alpha 2 File / User Preferences

And here I was looking for it on the input “tab”.

That fixed it. Woo hoo!!

Thanks Richard!