Blender 2.5 taskforce mailing list, open to all who want to help with 2.5

Ton recently opened a new mailing list to gather proposals for 2.5 and people who want to help with the development of 2.5.

It’s open to everyone, though don’t flood it with fancy UI requests.

The mailing list is open for reading to anyone.
But please read the announcement carefully : writing in it is only for those who intend to work on the 2.5 project, to put a shoulder to the wheel. Period.
That is that simple.

Awww, and here I was goign to ask for the modifier stack to be moved to the transform properties window :wink:

Here’s the announcement


To facilitate scheduling all the work we need to do for the 2.50 code
refactor, I’ve opened a mailing list:

Although it’s an open list (anyone can subscribe, and it has web
browsable content) my preference is to stay on this list very much on
topic! :slight_smile: The main goal of the list is to schedule activities we have
to do, or doing code and API design reviews. People who participate in
the list are supposed to be “those who want to be involved and work on

It’s not a feature request list, nor a discussion board for fancy great
new UI designs! That’s for a later stage, when we’ve put the
foundations in place and got Blender back functioning.

When there’s important design decisions or general reviews needed,
we’ll post that here on bf-committers still. So we’ll keep you



I’m happy to hear that the 2.5 development is restarting =)

its times like these i wish i new how to code.

It is great that coders are starting with 2.50 eventually.

Yeah that are good news. Code us a new Blender. :slight_smile:

Interesting times are coming. The force is really strong with those guys :smiley:


Its time like these I wish I knew how to code well! :smiley:

I’ll be watching the development of 2.50, so that maybe someday, I might be able to do some basic coding in Blender. Right now its too much of a jungle, so the best I can do is fix obvious bugs, or change some text.

Maybe it is not always good to present here informations that are dedicated to coder. But I hope that users will be correct and will not overload this mailing call :slight_smile:

Hear, hear. I’ll drink to that.


The Messiah is coming…

Ye not worthy…

Muchly agreed.

See the rest at my channel:


Reading this may be will get me off and start some code learning!
why not.